Warning Signs of a Bad Digital Marketing Agency

bad-marketing-in-businessIt can be quite tedious to find a  results-oriented and responsible digital marketing agency nowadays, especially when you own a small business. You might even need to spend weeks or even months just on researching on the possible digital marketing agency you can hire with the hopes of picking the best one out of the lot. After all, the success of your business depends on the efforts put forth by your chosen digital marketing agency.

To pick the right one, it would be beneficial to you to gain some basic knowledge on how to recognize the warning signs of a bad digital marketing agency. You should never ignore these signs. There are places to view a list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in New York City to help you decide the right solution. Here are the top warning signs to note when you don’t want to hire a bad digital marketing agency for your small business.

#1. Making a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ promise

Some companies throw out appealing promises to their clients. They promise you guaranteed #1 ranking in the search engines or a short period where you can gain a positive result. Don’t be tempted. In fact, this should raise a red flag in your head. Remember that there is no way a digital marketing agency can guarantee the top ranking. It is also very suspicious if the company promises to deliver positive result in a month’s time. If the promise is too good to be true, then it is high to be just like that.

#2. No references or customer testimonials

If a company does not have any customer reviews, then that may imply that the services this company offers are unsatisfactory to the point that their previous clients can’t be bothered about leaving a testimonial anymore. They don’t even think that the company is worth a bad review. Another implication may be that the company is a scam. Always make sure that the digital marketing agency you go for has verifiable testimonials.

#3. Lots of bad reviews

So the company does have some reviews. If most of the customers left bad reviews about the company, then it is highly likely that this company won’t be able to provide you with any satisfactory service too. Seriously rethink your decision if there are lots of customer complaints. You might even have to research even further.

#4. Gmail email address vs “yourname@companyname.com”

If a representative says that he or she works for a certain company, then his or her email address should reflect that. Otherwise, then you can take that as a sign that the company lacks professionalism and online presence. It also shows that the company is amateurish. You shouldn’t put much trust in a digital marketing agency that doesn’t take the initiative to get a professional domain for email communications.

#5. Many clients

It may be good that the company has lots of clients. However, the bad thing is when they are unable to handle each and everyone effectively and show positive results. You should be wary of those digital marketing agencies with too many clients to handle since they will surely struggle in proving you adequate attention. In the end, the quality of the results they can provide would be lacking. It will also put a strain on customer relationships. Once that happens, it will be too late for you to regret your decision.

#6. Lacking presence in social media

Social media is the biggest indicator of a digital marketing agency’s customer engagement level. This is even a tool that you have to master too personally. Find the digital agency with sufficient experience in this realm. They are the ones who can assist you in improving your digital marketing campaign.