Top Korean Cosmetic Trends in 2016


Among the best trends in cosmetics, the Koreans are the ones who offer quite an amazing arsenal of cosmetics and skin care treatments that the rest of the world are way behind with. If the Americans prefer dark lips and ultra-strong brows, the Koreans have their trademark for beauty. When it comes to cosmetics, the Koreans are pretty much game-changing.

Indeed, the reputable Korean cosmetic brands have changed the way we use beauty products in the past years. It has introduced oil cleansers, BB and CC creams, gel sleeping masks and the likes. The K-beauty industry is not stopping there, though. There are Korean cosmetic trends that are taking the world by storm in 2016. Here are some of those K-beauty products tat are worth taking note of.


The K-beauty industry has introduced a variety of skin care tools that anyone can use in the comfort of their home. These are even becoming more popular with people around the world nowadays. When you purchase your first skin care routine for Korean beauty, it might cause you some confusion as to what each item helps with. Some of the skin care tools that are gaining popularity with people nowadays include LED lights, derma rollers, and at-home medical spa. With the at-home skin care tools, there is no need to spend a lot of money just to go to the nearest beauty spa. After all, it is now possible to obtain the same beauty results at home as what you would get in the spa.


Some people find it unusual that Korean beauty products don’t promote the use of water for the skin. It is not bad, but the K-beauty products are commonly waterless. The specialists of K-beauty believe that water-based skin care products easily steal the skin’s moisture. It evaporates the natural oils which keep the skin’s youthful glow. Waterless K-beauty skin care products are steadily becoming extremely popular nowadays, especially since more and more people are becoming more comfortable with using extracts and oils.


Of course, this is not just a simple baby face makeup that puts on a bright and away looks into your eyes, a gentle blush to your cheeks, and a cute gradient pout to your lips. There’s a twist to it. One of the experimentations for baby face makeup which may prove to become extremely popular is the use of pastel eyeliner. The pastel eyeliner can add not only a fresh look to your eyes but an interesting pop of color as well. You can add your touch to the baby face makeup on your own.


Sheet masks are popular K-beauty products that you shouldn’t overlook. They are already a part of the mainstream beauty market. In fact, more and more Western retailers are now carrying sheet mask since they know just how effective it is on the skin. There are more and more people who are adding the sheet mask to their regular skin care routine. Beauty stores already have various sheet masks so you shouldn’t have any problems looking for them these days.


If you need a beauty treatment that can take care of more than just one beauty problems for you, then don’t forget to try out the carbonated face mask. The concept of using the said face mask is quite similar to steaming the face, only that you will use carbonation for it. The carbonated face mask is an excellent method for detoxifying. It also helps in deep cleansing the pores. The masks can help tone and firm the skin too.


Koreans are still into the dewy look. This particular look makes the skin look youthful, plump, and luminous. There are now numerous foundations and beauty products that should allow you to give the skin the dewy, glowing look that you are obsessing over.

Visio Project At Any Angle

3D Visioner is an add-on for Microsoft Visio that brings a third dimension to your two dimensional drawings with dramatic 3D viewing and editing capabilities.

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3D Visioner displays an entire project in a single 3D scene, including all pages, Visio shapes, connectors, hyperlinks, and inter-page links.

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Support  for  most  popular  Visio  Stencils

3D Visioner fully supports most popular Visio stencils, including Building Plan and Network. You can create 3D representations of your home, office, network topology or mix them in 3D View.

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