Frequently  asked  questions

Ordering  and  activation

q: Can I try the program before purchasing?

A: Absolutely. You are encouraged to download the program, install it and evaluate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. It is always a pleasure for us to work with developers who are well informed about our software and know what they are doing.

q: What limitations does the trial version have?

A: The trial version of 3D Visioner will expire after 7 days since the moment it was first installed. If any feature doesn’t work as you expect it do, it could be that you are not using it correctly or there is some other problem, but it is certainly not because of the trial mode.

q: What is your refund policy?

A: You have plenty of time to evaluate our software and you shouldn’t buy it unless you are happy with it. If you do request a refund, you will be asked to destroy all your copies of the product in question and send us a signed legal document confirming that you have done so. Then your activation key(s) will be invalidated in all future versions of the product.

Tech  support  and  upgrades

q: Do I have to pay for technical support?

A: No. Whether you have a license or just evaluating WiseDimensions products, if you have questions about the software, they will be answered. Period. No subscription fees, no incidents-per-month or other limitations. But believe it or not, we don’t spend much time on technical support, since the software is very intuitive and easy to use.

q: Can I call you to ask a question?

A: Sorry, we provide technical support by email only.

q: How do I report a bug?

A: If you see what could be a bug in the product, please report it to us. Usually a screenshot or two help a lot to understand the problem, but please make a reasonable effort to make screenshots compact, because megabyte attachments in the mailbox are no fun at all. You can also report a bug by posting a message in “Contact Us” section.